Retainer problem? No problem.

We know how much you’ve invested in your smile, so we want to make sure it lasts a lifetime!

With our Retainer Program, you’re locked into affordable, replacement retainers, no matter what! This means, if your dog eats your retainer, you throw it away, misplace it, or just need a new one, we will replace your retainer with no questions asked! Seriously, it’s that easy, as it should be!

When you finish treatment with us, we provide you with four clear retainers (two lower and two upper), a 3D model of your teeth, and a custom box to keep your models safe! As long as you’re wearing your retainers, if you need a new one, we will make you one for only $25!* All you have to do is bring your 3D model to us, and we will get to work on making you a new one, and have it to you in a few short days!

We want to make sure we keep your smile amazing as long as we can, and for as little cost to you as possible! With our brand new retainer program, we can do just that! All new patients are locked into this fantastic program, and more information will be given to you at your complimentary consultation!

*A fee of $25 will be charged to make a new retainer off of the 3D model provided to you post treatment. If you lose your model or need a new one, the total fee will be $50. This fee does not include bonded or permanent retainers.

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