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We know that all of our patients are unique and deserve to receive orthodontic care that reflects their individual needs. Our experienced and talented team is committed to working with you and your family to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding orthodontic experience every time you visit our practice.


New Guest Specialist/Marketing Coordinator

The first face you'll spot when you step into Braceland, is Kennedy! It's hard to miss her; she's a ball of energy and has a super-sweet, wecloming smile that will make you feel right at home! We first met Kennedy as a guest, but we loved her so much we chased her down and lucky for us, she joined the Braceland team! Kennedy brings with her a wealth of multimedia knowledge, and loves being creative! She's also got some SWEET dance moves, and she regularly busts them out during the day and keeps us laughing. When she's not welcoming you to our practice or showing you around the office living room, she's busy setting up new guest exams, keeping the beverage center fully stocked, and baking fresh cookies (and maybe sampling one or two of them, too)! Kennedy also handles coordinating all the internal and external marketing aspects of our office! She handles planning all the sweet events in office, and works with our professional partners one on one! 


Scheduling Coordintaor/Guest Specialist 

That sweet voice you hear when you call in to schedule a visit, belongs to one of Braceland's newest (but kindest) residents! Leann joined our team in 2020 and brought with her an array of positive vibes and scheduling knowledge! She's the perfect person to make sure you or your child's next visit is scheduled and scheduled into a spot that works perfectly to fit your lifestyle! When she's not scheduling visits, she's corrosponding with other doctors and their teams on patient care and treatment, or she's busy "rallying the troops" in Braceland and keeping us all on the same page. We love having this burst of energy on our team! 


Lab Coordinator

If you've been to Braceland and heard someone singing Queen songs, then you've probably met Kailie. Between her love for Freddie Mercury and The Lion King, Kailie fits right in here with the rest of the team! Kailie began working here in 2019, and brings with her a wealth of knowledge and a willingness to learn new things! She's our lab guru and can sling out sweet, removable retainers as easy as 1, 2, 3! Kailie also works on coordinating projects with our outside lab, adjusting appliances, and removing brackets digitally to keep our office free of those messy impressions. She can run five 3D printers at once, and we promise you've never heard anyone singing karaoke as awesome as her. She is also the office prankster, so watch your step!


Financial Coordinator

If you ever want to talk to someone about your bill or insurance, you’re going to want to chat with Tammy, and not just because she’s our Financial Coordinator. Tammy’s office is always filled with the light smell of lavender or sandalwood, thanks to the essential oils she diffuses. Stepping into her office is like walking into a cloud of calm, and Tammy is the Queen of the Clouds. Tammy brings a wonderful blend of insight to our team, along with a sense of humor that will split you in two. Don’t let her peacefulness fool you though! She’s got the best dance moves of anyone on our team, and knows how to rock a braces off party better than ANYONE else. 


Treatment Coordinator

Did you notice that ray of sunshine when you stepped into Braceland? It was likely our Treatment Coordinator, Tiffany and her infectious smile that warmed you up! Tiffany may be new to orthodontics, but she's got a ton of experience in customer service and could be the happiest person you ever meet! Tiffany is one of our Treatment Coordinators, which means as a new guest in our office, you'll get the pleasure of hanging out with her! Tiffany will make you feel all warm and fuzzy, and there's not chance that you'll leave without a smile on your face!


Treatment Coordinator

Cayse (pronounced K-sea, duh) is one of our Treatment Coordinators, but before that she was a clinical assistant, and before that, you may remember her as a scheduling coordinator! This means, Cayse is well versed in all areas of orthodontics, and will answer any question you have with a smile! Cayse is famous for coining awesome catchphrases and making what we think is the best shredded chicken on the planet. With her heart of gold, she will make sure that you have an incredible experience in Braceland! Cayse handles our Obseervation Program, and there's a good chance your child will get to hang out with her for a handful of visits prior to beginning treatment! Cayse will help monitor your child's growth and development and track the perfect time for treatment to begin! 


Records Coordinator

Lovely Rita is our Records Technician, but she is also an experienced Clinical Assistant! Rita is one of the first people you or your child will see, and she makes getting X-rays and photos a breeze. Rita joined the Braceland family in 2020 and we all agree that we wouldn't be complete without her! You'll love Rita's kind and calming personality, and her quirky comments will keep you laughing and smiling during your entire visit! Rita will make your experience in Braceland an awesome one, and her calm demeanor will make you feel right at home while you're here! 


Clinical Lead

When we think of Hadley, we think of a beautiful, white dove, the symbol of peace, soaring through the sky. Hadley is our Clinical Coordinator, which is a fancy schmancy way of saying "leader of the pack". Hadley is also in charge of ordering items and keeping orthodontic supplies stockpiled for the team. Hadley has like one thousand nieces and nephews, which makes her a perfect person for kids to hang out with. She really likes it when people bring sweets to the office and will write her name in the frosting of donuts or cakes, to ensure she gets a piece. Hadley recently got hitched and wrote her name in her wedding cake, too!


Clinical Assistant

Michalea is no stranger to us here in Braceland! In fact, some of us have had the pleasure of working with her before, so when Michalea re-joined our team in 2020, we were ECSTATIC to have her back! Michalea has three awesome kiddos at home (one who is even in treament), which means she's a fantastic assistant when it comes to working closely with kids! We love Michalea's demanor! She is calm and serene, and well versed in orthodontic knowledge! You'll love getting to see her for a visit because she'll make you feel so good while you'e here, you won't want to leave! We're happy to have this kind-hearted soul back in Braceland, and we're never letting her go! 


Clinical Assistant

Jennifer is one of our clinical assistants and has been working here since 2018! Jennifer recently had her first child, but is no stranger to motherhood, because she has four incredible step-children at home. This makes Jennifer an expert at working with your children, and her sweet demeanor and gentle approach at orthodontics, is what gave her the nickname, "Gentle Jenny". Jennifer will make your visit fantastical! We think she may be a Disney Princess because she’s got a twinkle in her eye, and long beautiful hair that kind of reminds us of Rapunzel. Even if she isn’t really a princess, she’ll make sure your time with us is reminiscent of a day at Disney.


Clinical Assistant

Brittnay has a TON of orthodontic experience, which makes her an excellent clinical assistant! When you have a visit with us and are seeing Brittnay, she’ll find any excuse imaginable to pop you with confetti poppers. Brittnay likes to celebrate our patients’ successes, birthdays, and anniversaries, so don’t be surprised if you leave here with a balloon. You’ll probably get a card in the mail, too. Brittnay has two awesome kiddos, and because she’s a mom, she can multitask really well. Those braces off parties you see on Facebook are usually a result of her fine handiwork and planning! 


Clinical Assistant

Who is that sweet little fairy floating around and making you feel all warm and fuzzy? Oh, that's just Rachel, one of our clinical assistants and one of the nicest people you will ever meet! We first met Rachel as a guest, but we loved her so much we pretty much forced her to come work in Braceland. Rachel joined the Braceland team in 2019 and we are so excited to have her as a family member! She has perfect hair which matches her perfect personality. We guarentee that you'll never have a frown on your face when Rachel is around! 


Clinical Assistant 

Brei is another one of those guests we forced to come be a part of our family! We loved her so much as a patient, that we wanted her on the Braceland team! Brei is a sweetheart and is willing to dive in and learn new things, and she does it with ease! She cracks jokes and has the biggest, warmest heart of anyone, which will make you or your child's experience with us super easy! She'll make sure you're comfortable and her caring demeaor will make you see why we wanted her on our team so badly! 


Clinical Assistant

Our newest (yet sweetest) team member is a seasoned Veteran when it comes to the world of orthodontics! Deena is no stranger to braces, and joined our team in 2021, after relocating to our area! Deena has three years experience in orthodontics, and besides having a wealth of knowledge on both traditional braces and Invisalign, she also has one of the sweetest souls ever! Deena can be found in the clinic side of Braceland, and she'll be sure to make sure your visit is fantastic! We can't wait for you to get to know Deena more, and we're so lucky to have snagged her up for our team! 


Operations Director

Hayley joined the Braceland team back in 2017, and you may know her as the "Harry Potter" loving team member! She still loves Harry Potter and pretending to be a rockstar, but now oversees the Operations and Integrations of the office! Hayley likes celebrations, which means if you have a birthday, anniversary, or ANYTHING worth celebrating, you're getting showered in confetti, balloons, and snacks. She keeps the team up to date with the happenings in the office and likes to cheer people on and hype them up!

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